Why do we have a membership?

Under the Motion Picture Act of BC and Canada Customs Regulations we are only allowed  to screen films to members of the Kamloops Film Society

Why do I need to show my membership at every screening?

The law requires us as a legal society to only show films to our members.  We must report to film distributors on the number of members at each screening. If you forgot your membership card we kindly ask you to purchase another one in the off chance we are audited. After all it is only $2 and the money goes directly in to theatre and distributor fees so we can continue to bring great films to Kamloops.

Can you get (awesome film I heard about) for the Series or the Film Festival?

While we love to receive suggestions for films, we do have several challenges in bringing in films.  Films must have a Canadian distributor, and most distributors will only book their films through The Toronto Film Festival Film Circuit.  So after lots of research and a Film Selection Committee decision, we create a pool of films that we request from TIFF Film Circuit.  They then check on availability and ensure that Landmark or Odeon is not already bringing the film to Kamloops for a regular theatre run. Once that process has been completed, generally two months before the screening date, we book the Paramount and begin our advertising campaign.  We only choose films that have not had a regular theatre run locally, and we try hard to not show films that have come out on DVD or On Demand television.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available at the door of the Paramount theatre on the night of the screenings (please arrive early to ensure everyone can be seated before the movie start time).  MovieMart also sells tickets two weeks before each screening.

If you are a TRU Student you can also purchase your tickets directly at TRUSU Student centre at a discounted rate.

Who runs the Society?

The Kamloops Film Society is a volunteer board made up of members of the community with a love for great film.  The current board consists of:  Chair – Tom Friedman,  Treasurer – Nathalie Wandler,  Vice Chair- Billy Collins,  KFF Chair – Dusan Magdolen,  KFS Film Series Chair – Jonathon Fulton. Board members at large: Kevin Martin, Lindsey Norris, Mark Wallin, Jody Tippet, and Blair McDonald.

Aren’t the Kamloops Film Festival and the Kamloops Film Society the same thing?

No.  The Kamloops Film Society is the executive board that oversees the Kamloops Film Series, the Kamloops Film Festival and the KISS Festival.  Those three entities have their own boards who report to the Kamloops Film Society.